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Our Philosophy


Greeting guests, whether friends or family, into your home means welcoming them into a pleasing environment. Everyone is different, but we each desire a home that provides comfort, beauty, and warmth. 

Home decor tells a story. Your story. Every piece, every picture, every rug and every vase or piece of furniture is part of your history. We decorate not only for ourselves, reminding us of our own story, but for those we welcome into our homes, too. How do we want to feel? How do we want them to feel? We want to feel at home, but also receive those into our story with open arms—cozy, friendly, and welcoming. 

Our stories and personalities, our families and histories are all uniquely our own, and so, too, our decor. It's an extension of ourselves and as such, is an imprint of our aesthetic sense and values. With home decor, you can tell your story by speaking to the body; by captivating the mind and soul. 

As creative beings, we desire an outlet and what better way to express our yearnings and creative energy than through our homes? Yes, it's undoubtedly daunting at first, and always a challenge, but we at Home Decor Delights have fallen in love with home decor and design, and we welcome you to share in our enthusiasm, experience, and expert advice.

At Home Decor Delights we offer a variety of elegant vases, storied rugs, charming canvas wall art, stylish photo frames, attractive candles and diffusers, lovely cushions and throws, and much more.

Our design philosophy is simple yet effective: be bold in any space, enact a wise use of colours, remember texture, and be both playful and serious.

We at Home Decor Delights also passionately believe in giving back, and it's to that end, that we are announcing our Home Decor Delights Charity Initiative that will go into effect shortly. This program, through our board, will choose charitable foundations that will receive funding through a percentage of all sales. We invite you to visit this page soon to learn more.

Thank you for visiting us, and we hope to hear from you soon! Oh, and happy designing!